Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leisure Arts Sneak Peek: Ency of Sewing, Ornaments Galore 2, Smirk A to Z

So I promised a sneak peek (and it's a very good thing) and I have some covers of a few of Leisure Arts' newest all ready to show you. The first is cross stitch, Ornaments Galore Vol. 2 (#4817) from designer Ursula Michael. There are 48 of these cute designs, perfect for quick Christmas gifts (if I start right now, not two weeks before the day). The back cover shows some of them in the gold ornament frames (available through the lovely This one is available now, so we can all get started, for $10.95.

Next up is Smirk Attitudes A to Z (#4768, $11.95, available now). This is a collection of 52 designs...yes, 52 designs...2 for every letter of the alphabet, one is a little bit sassy and the other is a little bit sweet. These are fun, quick projects perfect for girls of all ages. And did I mention there are 52? Oh, yeah. I did. If my brain power were at full capacity, I'd track down more photos to show you because this is such a small, small, small piece of 52 designs...and they were all charted, stitched, checked stitch-by-stitch, corrected, approved, and photographed...6 pieces just doesn't capture the scope of the thing, I tell you, and there are some cute designs that just didn't make it on the cover. Too bad I can't really remember how to skulk around and get more photos today.

And the last title is the newest addition to our line of encyclopedias, this time it's the Encyclopedia of Sewing. The best part of this title is that it's a handy reference for all kinds of sewing, including garment sewing. There are 12 projects to get sewers started, but you'll find good information on a wide variety of sewing skills. It's a big subject and this is a good title to have on your shelf. Available now, $24.95.

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