Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gauntlet thrown and accepted

I think I'll be able to cast on tonight with the opening ceremony! We (my advisors and I) really like the orange. I think chevrons can look like flames (if I want them to), so these will be Olympic Flame socks.

I've also managed to convince two more Leisure Arts-ers to play along.

Jean is going to work on a shawl that she's knitting for a friend of a friend. She's made some progress already but she's got a ways to go before the Olympics end. And Mary will be working on a pair of socks too. I'll show you her progress next week and give you a progress update.
Jean: working on an unfinished project.
On 2/12 she had 14". Finished should be around 50".

Cheryl: casting on tonight!

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