Friday, February 12, 2010

Pick your Olympics

So I know of at least two Olympics that we can join. My friend Pat is doing a quilt olympics where you finish up a project. What a great idea! Of course, I don't have any of those (I'm lying. I just don't like to finish things.) so I'm thinking about joining the Yarn Harlot's Olympics so that I can start something new (which I may or may not finish but the goal is, of course, to finish while the Olympics run).

All it takes is a group and an invitation and I want to play.

There are a few problems with my plan (and they mostly come back to waiting to the last minute but it's too late to worry about that).

Here they are, numbered in the two languages I studied in school for international flair:
Un-whatever I attempt to knit in 17 days has to be small. I'm thinking sock.
Deux-I have a stash of sock yarn so I feel like I should pull from it
Trois-I rely heavily on Leisure Arts patterns and am frightened of trying free patterns because my knitting skills aren't strong enough to save me from errors.
Cuatro-My mix of sock yarns and my Leisure Arts patterns don't give me an Olympic feel yet. Here are my yarn choices:

Cinco-now I'm stuck with getting all creative or something. I have a chevron pattern picked out from I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks, so I could mix it with the one of these, maybe bottom choices and stretch to call it Purple Mountain Majesty or maybe Amber Waves.
Seis-Or I could go shopping, for new yarn or maybe a pattern download.

So I have until the opening ceremony tonight to figure it out because it will take all my spare minutes of those 17 days to get this done.
Suggestions? Comments? Are you a Leisure Arts-er who'd like to join the madness? Come on. I will chronicle your progress here on the blog so it's your chance at worldwide fame. How can you pass that up?
(And Mary, I checked the list of athletes at Yarn Harlot...lots of people are working on UFOs so we aren't even breaking the rules. Yet.)

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