Thursday, February 25, 2010

Q: Do cross stitch designers have fans? A: YES

(At least) one more post from the market (because I'm not the only one with a  knitting block going on). Plus, some people were...not liking the skeleton piece of yesterday. I had another photo of cross stitch going further...but I think I won't post it. Let's look at pretty!

The best thing about most tradeshows is having the chance to meet creative people that you've stitched (or in my case, collected) for a long time. I don't have quite that much history with Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor but...I have actually stitched part of a design of hers. I mean...I started it, I stitched it, and I actually finished it. It was great to have the chance to talk to her.

This is one of the new designs: A Tree By Itself

And this is my needlebook that I created using a small piece of her ABC Tapestry.

Anybody remember my needlebook phase? 
I believe this was close to the end. I went with Diane Williams/Little House Needleworks for a while and then switched it up with this one. (Click the link in the sidebar to see her dogs...dogs make the world go around.)

I have plans to go back and stitch the entire sampler. Of course, I have a lot of plans so...let's wait and see how it goes.

One thing about working at Leisure Arts is that we, the crafty types that work here, go through trends sort of like crafting in general. We like to do so many things that all it takes is one person to lead the way. I believe that's how I met Shepherd's Bush, Bent Creek, and Lizzie*Kate years and years (and maybe one more "years" since I've been quilting, sewing, and knitting for some time) ago.

These are new designs from Shepherd's Bush. I have a very bad Shepherd's Bush habit and have carried around a beautiful, slightly more expensive kit than I normally judge right to add to my collection for some time because it needs to be stitched if you're going to spend that amount of money on something while you're shopping at Quilt Festival. I like Shepherd's Bush is what I'm saying.

I already have quite a collection of finished pieces. 

Maybe I should get that kit out next...
after the sock(s)...and after I finish the cross stitch Little House piece I have going...

I also really, really want this Holy Night design.
You should probably click to embiggen.

I also have quite a few Bent Creek designs. I liked these the best from the new stuff featured on the website but I have many, many, many of their alphabet designs.

And finally there's Lizzie*Kate. Lizzie*Kate swept through here once, years ago like storm. And there's a good reason: her stuff is great. Quick, cute, fun and funny...and also pro-pet which I think everyone should be if they have a choice. You know? OK, so I guess that doesn't really matter but I like to see the dog represented all the same. It's a thing with me (see the note on Diane's dogs...seriously, puppies!)

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