Thursday, March 18, 2010

Darcy's welcome home

So there has been a lack of Darcy posts lately (technically, there's been a lack of posts lately but unless you'd like a running commentary on all my shows, it's just better that way. Now, if you do want a run-down of what's showing at Cheryl's house, we can totally do that too...Celebrity Apprentice, Chuck, American Idol, Lost (I'ma watch this week again just sos I can say "Oh, snap!" when Miles walks in as Sawyer's detective partner. It was my favorite moment so far, maybe ever. I like Miles.), Kitchen Nightmares (a softer, less profane Gordon), The Office...the list goes on and on.

Darcy and I have a routine: when I get home, I grab treats and we run through the house. She eats them all while I take care of first things first, and then she starts barking to make me go back into the kitchen to get another treat. Usually there's more barking (on my part but I left that out because I was sure it didn't match the dignified image that you have of me) and she jumps a little here and there. She hates the camera and has apparently figured out that the iPhone is something like a camera. Still, I needed a post...even my dog barking seemed like a good idea. She is pretty.

The sock remains stalled, but I'm going to pick it back up this weekend. I mean it.

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