Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Do they make a prescription for my problem?

Darcy is a great dog, very healthy, but she has bad hips. She's never been much of a jumper and now she takes a pill every day to help out. And so we have to go have blood drawn for a test like we did on Saturday. When that everyday pill doesn't work, she has another one for pain. Her jumping is relegated to getting up on the bed and occasionally on the couch but she's very motivated to do those things.

The car was good for her to get in and out of but she didn't fit in any of the seats very well. The SUV is good for her riding/lounging comfort but she can't get in and out of it. I really didn't think this was much of a problem. I'd just lift her in and out. (And it should be easier since she's losing weight, yet another something the vet tells me worriedly but then when I ask whether I should worry or make changes, he shrugs and blames her age. He opens with how old she is, answers my question with how old she is...I mean really, I'm getting older too but I'm getting fatter. I am also a bad jumper and that has very little to do with my age. I don't think we can blame her age for everything...maybe it's the food, man!)

So I did that Saturday and it worked at every place but the park. She didn't really like the lifting part anywhere but she waited patiently...every time but the park. And at the park, she waited until I was juggling all the stuff that goes into my pockets for a walk (keys, cell phone, baggies, towel, cell phone and keys because some things I have to check twice) and then she jumped out and fell. On the gravel. Right there, at the park.

She hopped up and we went on our walk, although I was mentally beating myself around the head and shoulders for not watching her more closely. And all weekend, I watched her limp, and then I nudged her and asked "Are you all right?" so she didn't get much sleep. I do that a lot. Good. Grief. People. I can't handle the stress.
Seriously, how do parents do it? Considering the leaping and barking when I walked in last night, I think she's better.

I ordered the super, duper, deluxe, non-skid, no-bend, lightweight, folding, telescoping pet ramp as soon as I got back home. Now all I have to do is convince her to wait for me to set it up.

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Tracey said...

Oh my gosh, Cheryl! I can so relate. Our little bird got gout of all things. Every time he tried to jump down from his perch he would fall on his little beak. God, that was awful! You are doing a good thing and I really hope Darcy feels better.