Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Focused on a dentist appointment. Check back tomorrow.

I was thinking about writing an open letter to Coca Cola to ask them politely to add fluoride to the perfect Diet Coke, and then I remembered that you should not mess with perfection so I decided not to. And since my current problem is apparently related to random ice crunching, I should probably write my friends at Sonic Drive In. I could ask them not to make the ice so perfectly crunchy, but that would be messing with perfection again.

Instead, I will go to the dentist. And have a crown. Again. They will be perky and I will not be. Again. In fact, I already have a cloud following me in anticipation of my visit.

Someday, I will have something to write about on this blog. Instead, today I am issuing a public service announcement: Think very carefully before you Google "tooth image" because there are some out real teeth, like teeth that the dentist will fix and stuff. I wanted cartoon teeth. Next time, I will search more carefully.

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