Monday, March 08, 2010

Lured in by Netflix

The trouble with Netflix is that because it's so easy and so...doesn't cost me every time I rent a movie, I fall for movies I wouldn't normally consider. I saved my current movie out for Sunday night because I don't watch award shows most of the time. And since the networks seem to think everyone will be watching, things like "Bad Boys 2" play. And it isn't that I don't like things like "Bad Boys 2" because I do (mainly because of Will Smith...I mean, it's hard to go wrong) but one or two dubbed "big mother loving rats" and I can't take it seriously anymore.

So instead, I watched "Law Abiding Citizen" last night. I had a bad feeling. I could it possibly have a good ending? Gerard Butler is Clyde, an engineer with extra talents whose family is killed in a home invasion. Jamie Foxx is Nick the district attorney responsible for letting one of the killers out in three years in exchange for his testimony on the second man in order to get the death penalty. It's hard to watch the beginning of this movie. And also the middle is hard to watch. And also the end. There's a whole lot of vengeance going on. This morning I'm not sure why I kept watching, except that I wanted Jamie Foxx to be better, a hero at the end. I really don't think I got that.

Clyde gets his revenge but loses himself in the process, becoming more dangerous, more criminal than the men who started the whole chain of events. Nick in the beginning makes the deals he does because he's protecting his conviction rate and his ambitions to move up and he sort of defends his choices. It's hard to say that he learns anything about justice.

I'm hoping 2012 comes next. I think a good ol' end-of-the-world apocalypse might be less depressing.

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