Thursday, April 08, 2010

Arkansas Literary Festival 2010

If you're a local of the literary bent or just like free festivals, you should head downtown this weekend for the Arkansas Literary Festival. As far as I can tell, there's more scheduled this year than there was last year and I only managed to see a very small slice (men in hats stick out in my memory for some reason).

I don't have much of a "literary" bent and I avoid most festivals like the plague because any time large numbers of people gather, they are likely to crowd me but...this one's different...books and people who make them all gathered in one spot. I like books. I like mostly all of them, especially until I open them.

Note to self: hurry up and find the books you bought last year to "support authors from Arkansas" instead of just "adding to the cushion of books between me and the world of book-less-ness" and get them read. It's one thing to actually buy to support a cause, but I think you ought to actually read them too. I may change my policy on that on Saturday. I like to buy books. A lot.

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