Friday, April 09, 2010

Thank you, please come back, y'hear?

If you've never tried it, doing nothing is something that starts out as a challenge but it gets easier very quickly. You should try it. If you need any pointers, I can help. I am very good at doing nothing.

I think this weekend will be excellent for doing something, though, so maybe save it for next week.

My plans: Arkansas Literary Festival to be impressed, outclassed, and I hope a little encouraged. Also, to buy a book. It's my civic duty.

And I'm growing grass. Not the exciting kind, but the kind that keeps the dirt from sliding down the hill. I saw it this morning and I need to inspect it a little more closely. I have a long list of things to do that should be done in perfect weather. As they require shovels and such, I probably won't do them. I hate that more than housework and cooking and that's saying something.

Maybe I should try doing nothing while outside...that would certainly change things up.

And the heading: the counter's about to hit 40,000 visitors and that seems like a Big Deal. Thanks for stopping by even when I have nothing to say...days like today. Still, who doesn't love funny animals?

1 comment:

Mary in AR said...

Ah, the art of doing nothing; 'tis a difficult state to master, but once one achieves the proper level of nothingness, it is DAMN hard to go back!

Love the first photo!

Mary, a fellow nothingness participant