Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gleeks: we make culture

Last night required a lot of television dedication. First, to watch American Idol WITH the commercials (where I did see the Quilt magazine in the commercial for the Good Guys show that Carrie talks about on her exciting for her!). And then to switch over to Lost and catching the tail end of Dancing With the Stars (Gooooooodbye, Kate! Happy dance, happy dance). And then there was LOST. And then I needed to watch the Madonna episode of Glee's Madonna. I like Glee but only when there is singing, dancing, or Sue Sylvester (daughter of famous Nazi hunters). I can fast forward through the rest. To see some Sue Sylvester as Madonna goodness, you can check out the video. A clever YouTuber has placed the Glee version and the original side by side so you can see how close it is.

I love television.

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