Tuesday, May 04, 2010

But can you dance to it?

So two things added up to entirely too much time spent on YouTube this weekend.
#1: Storms sending me to the closet to huddle. I took my laptop so I could check the weather but the traffic was so slow that I gave up pretty quickly and
#2: More time with my iPod on shuffle is turning up some things that I had forgotten that I loaded, things that were probably already on my computer...like things I loved in college. Things like August and Everything After by the Counting Crows (1993).

As I huffed and I puffed on Saturday, I thought about how in the good ol' days, songs had videos that you could actually watch and everything. MTV and CMT were on a lot in my college dorm room. I was curious to see if there were still those videos running around and they are. They're all there, on the YouTube. I looked up some of my favorite new songs but then I got all nostalgic and stuff and went for old stuff. This isn't my favorite song from the Counting Crows portion of my iPod (maybe Anna Begins?) but it's the most walkable. They're a little too mellow to make you strut or runway walk, but sometimes that's just exactly OK.

And here's the thing...if something doesn't get more exciting in my near future, there's a Hootie sighting coming up (or maybe Will Smith because I saw some really bad/really funny videos of his and I almost can't bear not to write something about at least one of them). Worked late, treadmilled, fell into a slump on the couch to watch Dancing. The end.

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