Sunday, May 02, 2010

Make. It. Stop.

So I spent more time than I intended to sitting in my closet this weekend. If you aren't from around here or any other tornado hot spot...that's what you do when the sirens go off: head for an interior room, no windows, and you sit there. And sometimes you trick a medium-sized black dog in with you until she gets disgusted and goes on to bed.

In between sirens, you watch the newscasters guessing on how quickly the storm will hit your street. And if you're me, you answer the phone. At one point, my phone rang to inform me that the storm had stopped rotation and everything was fine except it sounded like things were dropping on the housetop. And I do really appreciate the concerned phone calls. Darcy is absolutely no help in deciding how much trouble I'm actually in so it's nice to talk to well-informed types. Darcy is usually ready for the fuss to be over but she's not concerned enough about it to take cover, except to check on me, to encourage me to move back to the couch. So that was Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. Sunday afternoon I worked. I made it to the library. The end. I did not knit, but on the upside, I also did no housework. I'm really hoping for a little clear weather for a while now (because the sirens, the pounding rain, howling wind, and snorzing dog are enough to send me over the edge just a little) particularly for all the families facing the challenge of rebuilding from the storms and floods. And I'm thankful that I didn't see any real storms.

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