Friday, May 14, 2010


It is currently 6:21 a.m.
I am at home so that I may meet an electrician and a plumber.
I was too lazy to finish all my cleaning last night so I got up at my regular "gotta be at work at 7" time.
Let me tell you, the laundry situation around here is Out. Of. Hand. I'm thinking of throwing it all away and beginning anew. That's a problem for later.
I decided to vacuum first, and made it to the nearly-end when it made an ominous noise, stopped sucking, and let loose with a foul smell (oh, the burning rubber/dog hair combo).
I'll inspect more closely when I am not angry but I'm afraid another one has bitten the dust. Literally.

Still, this could be a good day: can I acutally get an elecrician and a plumber to show up on the same day, on time, and get both things fixed by noon? That's the current plan. As I've been down the repair road more than once, I am not holding my breath. People can still surprise me, though.

UPDATE: One was late, one was on time and both were out of here in 30 minutes or less=SUCCESS.

Now, do you think Darcy and I can maintain this for a week-ish until I head to Minneapolis? I'm going to Furminate her on the patio to give it a good shot.

Oh, and also: I dislike housework. A great deal.

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