Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why I should clean more

In preparation to have the oven repairman in my house on Friday, I worked on straightening up my kitchen this weekend. With no oven, it's bound to stay pretty well straight. Other than the refrigerator, that oven is just about my favorite piece of said kitchen because it heats the frozen food. And it hasn't been working for nearly two weeks now. But someone's coming to fix that on Friday.

So you see the edge of the broom. I've swept up the kitchen, so the next thing to do is sweep the carpet. Yes, sweep it to gather up the dog food because I have killed more than one vacuum cleaner with the dog food. And that face is really why I don't care too much to sweep the carpet. She's cute. She's happy. She's never quite hungry enough to go back and get the food that's she's carefully hidden. But she's cute. Don't you want to borrow her for a week in July? She'll be cute for you, too!

1 comment:

JustCindy said...

If I lived close enough, I would gladly take Darcy for week. She would be so spoiled when you got home, you wouldn't want her back.