Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to watch next

So I'm posting this on Monday night, before the Tuesday night when the Lost countdown drops from 3 more nights ever to 2.

UPDATE: And then I watched LOST. And I'm unsatisfied. Earlier in the story, this would have been a great episode, but now, here, it took too long to tell us what we found out. And compared to last week's action packed episode, this one was slee-ee-ee-py. Yawn. And honestly, for an island no one can track, there are a lot of other Others here. Who the heck are these others? They're older others but where'd the original non-Other lady come from? And I still don't know anything new about the polar bears or why they can't all just use the donkey wheel to transport into Tunisia and get the heck home. I'm sticking with sitcoms from now on.

I believe I mentioned this before:
I get my news from The Daily Show.
I get my opinions from The Colbert Report.
And I catch up on all the shows I've missed with The Soup.

Clearly, I am a well-rounded individual, highly learned in all things "pop" and "culture" but with less real knowledge about anything that matters. I'm OK with that. At least I'm laughing.

This clip ran on The Soup last week. As Lost winds down, fans will be looking for a new show. And it looks like V is already nearly the same show (but the lizard people are so much less attractive than the smoke monster.) As it is, I nearly had a meltdown when I thought I was traveling back from Minneapolis on Sunday, the last night of Lost ever, but it's OK. It's all going to be OK, everyone. Stay calm. I'll be home in plenty of time. Whew!

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Nancy said...

well, it's nice to know I haven't missed anything by watching V and not Lost...