Thursday, June 03, 2010

LIfe after LOST

Now that LOST life is over as we know it and some of you are looking for something to follow obsessively so that you can sit in front of the television instead of accomplishing worthwhile, industrious things (is that just ME?), I thought I'd make a few suggestions of shows you might want visit...just to see if you like it.
So maybe you're a rare Kate fan of the world and admire a woman who knows how to handle a weapon:
Try Burn Notice, coming back on tonight on USA. It's like a march through the jungle but with more car chases. And Fiona has forgotten more about guns than Kate ever knew. There's also plenty of beach time if you're missing sand and sea.

Maybe you prefer a twisted (maybe just a little bent) hero who makes decisions for all his friends that they then have to pay the consequences for:
Try Leverage, coming back to TNT on June 20. Nathan Ford is the man with the plan but it takes every bit of skill on his team to keep them all out of the slammer. And boy, do they understand the short con, the long con, and the in-between con. Sawyer could do some good here.

Or maybe you like the idea of a new life where you can repair what you did in an old life, go straight, do the right thing, become a cop instead of a con man:
Try White Collar on July 13. Neal Caffrey is no Sawyer (not enough scruff and also no nicknames), but in a Sawyer-less world, he'll do. His con is art theft and his new job is helping the FBI catch people just like him.

Like to consider the man of science vs. man of faith ideas? These are mostly science but I do think you sometimes have to take them on faith. And there are some buttons to be pushed here. Plus, Vincent at Eureka's Cafe Diem looks a little like Hurley. Really! Try Syfy series Warehouse 13-July 6 and Eureka-July 9.

Honestly, now that he's available, I think Terry O'Quinn playing the Smoke Monster playing John Locke would make the best supervillain and should totally be recruited to Warehouse 13.

And this is what I do on the two nights before the summer season starts when I can't find anything to watch on television...I think about television. It's OK. I know it's sad. I can live with that.


Barb said...

I've been hooked on Burn Notice since day one. Do you watch "without a trace?" Also very good.

mundanejane said...

Gah. I seem to be in the process of giving up on all TV. Even the few shows I enjoyed before (Saving Grace, In Plain Sight, Medium) aren't engaging to me anymore.

Apparently, there IS no after LOST.