Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Moving to the North Pole

Will Work for Room, Board, and Milkbones*
(*but only where the temperature is guaranteed to never reach 100 degrees. Ever, ever, ever. In fact, let's make it 85 just to be on the safe side.)

I risked my life (not really) to take this picture yesterday in going-home traffic. It was at a complete stop so that's not the risk. Just after I snapped the picture, I looked over in the left lane that had come to a sudden stop to see a teeeny, tiiiny motorcycle driven by a man wearing shorts and a t-shirt miss "complete" stop and bang into the SUV to my left. Somehow, he stayed upright through the entire smash but pieces of the SUV went all over the road. Can you say "lucky"? And then I imagined the scene if that had been my car, I had been forced to stand out on the side of the highway in 100 degree temperatures...and I wanted to explain to him that he had been born under a very special star.

Hit me on a rainy October morning and I'm more annoyed that you spilled my Coke because everybody has accidents and that's what we have insurance for and no serious harm done after all. On a sunny June afternoon, I was ready to give that motorcycle man a stern talking to about proper attire on behalf of the other driver. I was not ready to get out of the air conditioning (set to blow at 61 degrees and the fan level is 12, y'all), however.

Do you think there are any houses for rent in Santa's neighborhood?

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JustCindy said...

I live in Ft. Worth so I feel your pain. I am so excited to see what temperatures we get to endure in August.