Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 More Things

1. This post won't have pictures. I have pictures but they are currently all the way across the room over there and I'm tired. Only fire will make me move that far. Sorry.
2. I have a red neck, a blistered foot, and I didn't even make it to the castle.
3. I spent my whole line-standing reserves at the wand shop. Oh, and also ran walked the entire park and sweat enough to soak my shirt and leave salty marks. Sorry to be so gross, but it explains why I didn't care whether I made it to the castle. I'll come back someday. In February.
4. I'm never moving to Florida. I may never even visit again. It's hot is what I'm saying. And I only do cold from now on: Alaska, Antarctica...places like that.
5. I have roughly 21 Diet Cokes to drink. I think I can do that tomorrow.
6. I also have currently 18 books in this room. I brought 3. Most of the rest were "free" and the remainder were purchased for a good cause. Literacy is important. I am both frugal and charitable.
7. While I was in line for the booksigning for 500 writers, I started a conversation...that somehow ended up with "Are you related to Greg Johnson?" We live in the same town, and he is Mr. Popular who knows people who know people. And I'm me. It's always been this way. Yes, I might have a complex.
8. I have a very cute outfit of jean skirt, cute t-shirt, and very nice earrings. No one noticed.
9. I am a very good driver, me and Rainman. I drove all over today and didn't cause a single accident or get lost. I like driving. This is a much better way to get around than flying.
10. Yesterday at Epcot and today at Universal, the whole time I'm waddling around or melting, literally melting I tell you!, I was thinking the memorable words of  Roger Murtaugh, "I'm too old for this sh.." Can you name the movie? Hint: it's from the time when Mel Gibson only played crazy.

Bonus: I miss my dog. I think I'm going home. But the AC here is very good. Very, very good.

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