Monday, August 02, 2010

Why there's no real post today

Or 10 more more things that come before I actually put up some pictures from Orlando (unless the incredible heat of 10,000 suns melted them before I made it home).

1. All of my good pictures are at home. On the camera that I bought because it fit in my pocket. This was extremely good planning on my part. Bags only slowed you down at the Harry Potter hooha.
2. I only took a few pictures with my iPhone and tweeted them so if you missed them, you can go back through my Twitter feed to see a princess, the Epcot dome-y thing, and Potter crowds.
3. I did not go through my photos yesterday because I was in a stupor, a glad-to-be-home-again stupor. I barely hauled in my suitcase.
4. My suitcase was left to be hauled in because I made it home around 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning.
5. I don't see this time ever. I should not be operating heavy machinery at that time of night.
6. I landed just before midnight at Little Rock's "national" airport and it took 30 minutes for the bags to show. That is the honest truth, no exaggeration. Believe me, it wasn't the traffic as we were the only flyers on the face of this spot of the earth. I think they had to wake up the turtles used to transport the bags.
7. I rested easily on the couch, except for the time I had to go out for pizza and to reload Milkbones. I had to (get the Milkbones).
8. Also, I had to listen to Darcy's tales of woe. That didn't take very long but it did require Milkbones. See #7. By the time I reloaded the treats and talked to her about never leaving her again while scratching here and there, there was an amazing pile of hair on the floor and she was asleep again.
9. Five days is about two days past my limit of being away from home. I was really glad to see it, theme park and writing conference fun and all.
10. I think I ran out of reasons. I should go with lower numbers.

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