Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Good intentions

I was pretty sure I was going to accomplish great things this weekend. With three days, it was nearly inevitable. Nearly. I didn't. I was going to work on a tote for my little computer with my new fabrics from Paducah but when I cleaned up for the person who was going to stay with me after my hospital stay, I put everything away. I didn't drag it all back out. I'm not sure where I put my rotary cutter. I think I'll work on that a little at a time this week.

I was going to write. I did do that and finished my first first draft. It is currently too short and a kind word would be "uneven" but a more accurate description would be "all over the place." I can make it better but I'm not sure I can ever make it something that should be read. I think that's the way it's supposed to work. Darcy was not very impressed when I told her. She's not a big reader.

I watched a movie: Hot Tub Time Machine. I paid a dollar. I want my dollar and my two hours back. Oh, John Cusack, how could you?
I also watched Eclipse. I hate to be left out of anything, even if it costs a million dollars for popcorn. Dollar for dollar, Eclipse was a much better value than Hot Tub Time Machine.

I think there might be spoilers here, but I wasn't that surprised at how it turned out so I'm not sure they're very big spoilers.
I read a book: The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier. I bought this at the Arkansas Literary Festival (I think he lives in Little Rock) and I couldn't find anything I wanted to read (solved after a trip to the library) so I picked this up. And this book is interesting, based on an African believe that when you die there are two places. While there are people still living who remember you, you go to one place. In this book, it's a city and there are mysterious appearances and disappearances and changes in the layout of the place. And then you leave the city when the last person who remembers you dies. Oh, and there's a global plague connected to Coca Cola (which I don't care for as I am a dedicated Coke fan and have been all my life but when you think about what could wipe out the world, I could see it being a problem with Coke). This is well written, slightly mysterious, easy and pretty quick.

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