Thursday, July 01, 2010

Buffy and a Spike

(Not that Spike...someone stop me. I'm making Buffy and the Vampire Slayer puns that only I understand. I think that's a sign of a bad problem.)

Under normal circumstances, only a post over at Pat's blog causes a spike in visitors to my blog. I occasionally ponder ways to draw more traffic but most of the time I figure I've just the right amount of people coming, many of them I know in real life and everything, and consider that equal to my ability. Also, I apparently lack initiative but that's a problem for another day.

At the last writer's conference I attended, the keynote speaker suggested writing a controversial post to get more traffic. He tried it with same sex marriage (coming in on the "agin" or "nay" side if I had to guess) and it worked for him.

I do my best to avoid controversy in all things. I live so firmly in the moderate middle of the road that I'd have to argue both sides of the controversy, just to feel like I was being fair.I can argue passionately for some things, maybe why dogs should be listed as dependents and Diet Coke should be named the national drink. I've been told I'm a peacemaker (but it didn't really sound like a good thing) and I really just want us all to get along. And drink Diet Coke.

Why do I say this? There has been a single post that has spiked my blog statistics significantly enough to raise my average. I have no idea how I managed it.
Which of these thrilling posts did this? You guessed it: Buffy the Vampire Slayer drew roughly three times my normal traffic. Apparently, vampires and the girls who slay them are just as powerful as strong opinions on touchy subjects. And on another note, many of these visitors are from eastern Europe and live in towns that sound like they might have had their own hellmouth at one time or another. I have no idea what that means but I'm not prepared to come down on either the pro or con sides of vampires or werewolves. Until I meet one, I'm staying firmly on the fence of "do not exist". I can build a strong argument against the bang length of Season 3 but I don't expect much controversy to come from it.

I think I must be feeling better. You know things are looking up when you have the spare brain power to contemplate the power of the Buffy, the idea that woo woo people in eastern Europe watch the blogs, and make that into a frivolous blog post. Even better, it sort of wants to grow up into a story, but I'm going to squelch that.


Mary in AR said...

On the weekend before your spiky Buffy post, I asked DH if he had any interest in renting/seeing all the seasons of Buffy and he said no, but if I wanted to see them, I should go for it.

Maybe you and I spend too much time together...

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I LOVE Buffy! I'm not surprised you had extra "traffic" It's still popular even though its been YEARS since the finale.
I personally think they should have had a Spike spin off instead of Angel ;)