Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Sneak Peek: Mary Engelbreit, Pocket Guides

So we haven't done this in a while, now it must be time to look at new books! When we make it to this stage (the book is actually printed and out there in the world), they've nearly become a very distant memory. Of course, some books stay with you longer than others. You can remember the details vividly for some time, maybe even a long time.

This is one of those. It's hard to forget such amazing cuteness as this book. The cover says it all (except why the color yellow fills me with anxiety, but that's a risk all publishing professionals face daily). 53 Fun projects that you can embroider, applique, or color with fabric markers divided into sections: Baby, Home, and Gifts.

This is a great book, filled with very Mary projects and the opportunity for us all to become designers!

#4961, Available now, $22.95 for a spiral-bound hard back with patterns in a lovely envelope inside. You want it, you really do!

These other two guys are also very cool, handy pocket guides that you can slip in to your project bag and carry along:
We've updated the embroidery pocket guide but you'll still find a great collection of stitch diagrams and the Beading pocket guide is all-new. We're also working on revamping Basic Bows and Quilting Basics so those will be along in a month or so.

Both of these are available now, 56018 and 56019, $4.95, laminated guides that fold out and include handy rulers.

Remind me to do this again in a week or so, 'mkay? There's some very, very, very pretty stuff coming up: Pat Sloan, Kristine Poor, The Quilted Fish...what am I saying? We only do pretty around here.

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