Monday, August 23, 2010

Legal Counsel?

I think I have to move. I really like to just get along, but animals in distress bother me. Dogs in distress bother me a lot. Saturday I trespassed to water a dog leashed to a tree in my neighbor's front yard. To be clear, it was a pit bull puppy, leash wrapped and wrapped and wrapped around the tree, panting like nobody's business in the 98 degree heat at noon, and he'd turned over his tiny water dish. I couldn't ignore it.

All the way to Wal Mart and all the way back, I prayed, hoped, and wished that my neighbor had just stepped out and that she'd be back and puppy would be inside when I got back. He wasn't.

So...I took one of my matching set of storage dishes, courtesy of Country Crock, filled it with ice and water and took it over. Puppy was very glad to see me and thirsty. And I made myself leave and not return all afternoon. I did stand at the window quite a bit to check the uprightness of the water and to see if she'd come home, particularly when the storm of the century blew in.

As it's the first house in the subdivision, I had to be stealthy to escape unnoticed, but I think I might have managed it. I move like a really big, really slow cheetah when I need to.

Oh, and the neighbor...I really don't think I want to start anything, but I feel like that puppy's going to be in similar distress soon. I have the burning urge to lecture. Or rescue. And this is in direct opposition to my normal urge to mind my own business. Who knows if I can control it?

Please send mail if they put me in the big house, OK?


JustCindy said...

Next time call animal control. That is inhumane to treat a helpless animal like that. If they put you in the big house I will bake a cake with a file in it.

dawnmarieg said...

I hate this! Can you phone animal welfare anonymously? Maybe you could do that. It would keep me awake at night wondering what the poor wee thing was going through. Pit bulls are banned over here in Scotland, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I hope it all ends ok, please let me know.xx

Anonymous said...

If puppy is out there and appears to be in distress, call the police. Let them deal with her directly. Oh, and tell the dispatcher that you are concerned about the neighbor finding out who called, and they should keep your name out of it. They really ought to anyway, but I've noticed that my police officers will sometimes start at the door of the offender and then immediately put in a visit to the reporter.

I'll be honest, the only laws I've seen with regard to pets and heat are related to keeping them inside a car. But common sense dictates that when the weather is this extreme, you don't leave a dog, especially a small one, tethered outdoors for extended periods of time.