Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Might make it after all

Why do I think you need to see the weather forecast? After terrible string of 100+ and heat index days, we have a few coming up that will stop around the 90 degree mark. This makes me feel optimistic and as if I might survive until we have our three days of fall.

My grass has not fared as well.

It's a much better feeling than near certainty that the next time I step outside I will actually sizzle.

And as I stay inside with all the curtains drawn (except as I am peeking out at the neighbor's yard), I have no news.

I do have an update: no more puppy sightings. I'm hoping that means he was visiting for a week or so and has returned to his happy fenced yard with a neverending stream of running water and prodigious shade trees. Since I posted about my adventures, I've had two questions. Number 1 is the status of the puppy. You expect me to be vigilant and I will. I am on it, armed with advice on what to do next time. That's good. And Number 2 is what Darcy's take on the situation was. She slept through most of it, so I think she was extremely confident in my abilities to make the proper decision (which would mean that there would be no other dog but Darcy living at my address above all else, I think).

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