Friday, September 03, 2010


What I've been doing with my time:

1. Work. And it's very much work-like. I'm thinking of moving in a hatstand so I can keep all my hats better organized.
2. Drive. I have been enjoying large quantities of traffic. I'd much rather live closer to #1 but I'd have to live in a box. An actual cardboard box. And I love those, but Darcy would not be up for that.
3. Eat. Last night I was really proud of myself. I cooked and consumed an actual food product. I purchased chicken, George Foreman-grilled it on Wednesday night to have with a baked potato and green beans, and then had a salad with actual chicken on it last night. I felt very virtuous because it was not handed to me through a window and was thus in line with my sound fiscal policy and also approached a healthy meal. I was out of croutons so I added M&Ms as a garnish. Don't hold that against me. (And I didn't really. I just thought about it. And then I ate them later.)
4. Tune in and turn off. Last night it was Master Chef. Maybe that's a good influence on me. Probably I just love Gordon.

But I have big plans for this weekend...wait and see if I don't do It's Labor Day. It's three whole days. It could happen.

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