Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I took the "Labor" out of Labor Day

I'm good like that. Unless you count an epic battle of good vs. evil, waged entirely through loads of laundry, I was not active this weekend. I dislike folding so I count that as activity. Other things I did:
2. Went to Stitch In. As I am hermit-like creature who prefers to stay in my cave for extended periods of time, this made me feel like I was doing the world a real favor. I understand the world doesn't view it that way. There were some very cute beagles and serious desserts. It was all good.
3. I visited my grandmother, hauling all my mother's photo albums to my aunt. This is another example of being careful what you wish for. I don't think she thought there would be so many.
4. I cooked every meal I ate all by myself. I feel pretty good about that too except now I am out of groceries. I hate going to buy groceries. I'd rather fold laundry.
5. I snuggled my dog. She looked a little deflated all weekend. I couldn't quite figure it out. I'm still thinking about it, but we spent a lot of time in various formations on the couch. Hers were always stretched out and mine were always upside down and hanging off of the couch in various spots, but it was still nice.
6. I watched movies. A lot of movies. More on that later. I'll need something to post tomorrow.
7. I wrote a bit.
8. I read a bit.
9. I surfed more than I should have and thought about buying shoes. I'm still wearing sandals in the icky rain today. I need shoes.
10. I drove a bit. The weather was perfect, perfect, perfect! And Little Rock has very little trouble with gridlock. Unless it's Friday before Labor Day around 4:30 and you are headed north which is the same direction all the fans are headed to get plenty of time in for tailgating before the first game of the season the next day. And then all three lanes across the ginormous bridge over the Arkansas River come to a stop. And all the bridge-a-phobics out there just shuddered. This is not a problem I have. I instead think about eating the brownies I've just purchased to take to Stitch In. I fear hunger more than rushing water.

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