Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The power of a haircut

After a weekend of extra trips, I looked down at my gas tank on Monday morning to see it perilously close to "E", like if there were actually stopped instead of the normal slowly meandering traffic, I might get to push my car on in to work. So I stopped on the interstate at not my normal place to buy gas.

And I was cleaning out the Diet Coke cans and waiting for the pump to stop when I noticed this purple-y billboard. You can't read it. It says "There is no such thing as a good mullet." Looking at it now, you'll have to take my word for it. I dug in my purse to get my iPhone out. While I did, the pump which is supposed to stop when the tank fills did not stop and I had a gas spewing situation. I moved quickly and managed to avoid a gas puddle, snapped my fuzzy, far away, iPhone picture, and then continued on into work.

Now I am pondering the sign...its placement and its meaning in my life. I don't have a mullet and have never really thought a hairstyle to have real meaning in life, but I do understand how it impacts each day, particularly when it's bad.

Still, it was placed on the border between Bryant and Benton, facing everyone traveling into Benton. I consider that commentary. I also wanted to take a good look at all the dudes working at the gas station, just to make sure they were getting the message if it was aimed at them.

I'm not sure how much power a billboard really has anyway. How do you stop a haircut that's business in the front and party in the back? It seems impossible.

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