Friday, October 08, 2010

Table for 12

While I was surfing the nets last night instead of washing clothes or dishes (and before I had to get up out of bed to put jeans in the dryer because it's jeans Friday and I had to have a pair), I visited The Pioneer Woman's site to check out the photo winners. And she was having a giveaway for a pot. She asked a question, and to enter you have to leave a comment (chances were one in more than 35,000 last I looked). I have no interest in winning a pot. I have pots sitting on dusty shelves. They aren't as pretty in color, but I don't think the color would make me use it more so it would also be covered in dust.

What did interest me, the question:
If you could have dinner with one man throughout the history of time, whom would it be?

Survey says: Jesus, number one answer (or at least first comment).
Apparently I was in the mood to think because I've been thinking about this. Jesus wouldn't be my choice. I am a Christ follower but I think I'm going to have plenty of time someday to spend with Jesus. Plus, I'd have no idea how to make conversation and would be fidgety with my hair. I don't know how I know. I just do.

Next answer: Dad or Granddad.
I wouldn't pick them either. While I miss my father a great deal (and have the used Kleenex brought on by the Grilled Cheesus episode of Glee to prove it), I know someday we're going to have plenty of time to be together. Plus, I remember getting in trouble for chewing too loudly and I've heard stories of what happened when my brother rattled ice too much. I'd love to talk to him, but maybe dinner isn't the best choice.

Next answer: husband.
And for obvious reasons, I can't pick this one. As I haven't met him, I'm not sure he's an actual figure in history and I'd hate to miss my chance on someone who might not even be real, like Santa Claus (although Santa Claus would be an interesting answer, right?)

So then, who? Lots of historical figures: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Aristotle, Elvis...who would you pick?

What makes a good dinner?
Good food: maybe chef Gordon Ramsay would be good. Until I didn't know my fish fork from my salad fork and wrinkled my nose up at the risotto. Maybe not. I also think you should avoid athletes who look like they eat egg whites and wheat grass. And we definitely need a dessert eater.

Good looks: If you're picking any person in the world, you might as well pick a pretty one as far as I can tell. This really confused me, so I had to move away from that pretty quickly. I had too many choices.

Good conversation: this one is important. I'm choosing someone I'd never get to meet in real life. Maybe you should go for someone intellectual and powerful like the President. I'd rather laugh. So I'm going to go with Jon Stewart. He looks like you could eat a pizza with him and talk politics and current events while Diet Coke comes out your nose, even when you disagree or especially when you disagree. That would be an excellent dinner. And when it comes right down to it, on this conversation point, I could build a long, long list.

What about you? Kris Kristofferson or President Kennedy or Plato or General Patton or Glenn Beck or the man who invented air conditioning? Seriously, somebody owes the AC inventor a good dinner.

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Regina said...

No answer -yet - but you know this post will have me thinking!!! I will get back to you! (love the writing on this one BTW...)