Monday, October 04, 2010

The Weekend edition

This weekend, 2 movies:
Iron Man 2 is  pretty good for a sequel. Robert Downey Jr. is tragic and beautiful and charming and just a smidge tragic in everything I see him in. I didn't really expect to see it so much as Iron Man as I did as Sherlock, but I think that might be who he is. Nothing happened tragically in Iron Man 2 (unless you count Mickey Rourke which I kinda do because the switch from close-ups of RDJ to close-ups of Mickey's face felt a little shocking. Maybe that's just me. RDJ, please just say NO to drugs and to plastic surgery, OK?)
There were many explosions here. I like that.

And then I watched Letters to Juliet because I am living in a fantasy land, dreaming of a vacation, nearly 24/7 now and Italy seems like the perfect place. The movie gets thumbs up for scenery. The story's a bit ho hum for me. A good car chase would have livened things up. I think I forgot to mention watching Date Night (last weekend? I'm not sure.) but it has one of the very best, funniest car chases I've seen. Romance,  comedy AND a car chase...good stuff.

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