Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taking a break

What I was going to do today:
Write a blog post to all the non-dog people in the world, discussing the amazing benefits of having a dog to sleep at your feet (or in the middle of the bed or across 3/4 of the couch).
Continue to write on the world's worst story to make up ground.

Instead I've been to Hillcrest Animal Hospital. Apparently this is the best of the best in this area (not just Little Rock, but parts of Texas were represented, and it was a lot like a trauma center-dogs hit by cars, spinal injuries, another referral from my vet who needed bone marrow treatments).

Last night Darcy had what I thought was a pretty minor episode. She fell over while trying to get up. I thought it was her hip, but since I'm off, I took her to the vet.
Apparently, all those times of telling him I'd do anything for her, he was really listening. Concerned about a firm mass he could feel, he sent me 30 minutes away for an ultrasound. And now, with the power of the internet, I completely understand why.

The Best Dog in the World has a splenic tumor. Since it could rupture and kill her without any notice, it doesn't matter if it's malignant or benign. It's got to come out. She has surgery at 10 tomorrow and the outcome is a question mark. So much depends on if it's cancer or if she begins to bleed, there might be transfusions, and there might be a long stay. Or it might be benign, and she might go home Saturday. And then there's the fact that she's old and anesthesia is hard for old people. The Hillcrest vet was very positive, saying she was surprised my Bryant vet could feel anytihng yet, that her age was really not a worry, and that she expected good results.

Darcy is ignoring me, payback for two vet visits in one day, one of which got her a funny haircut on her stomach. And she busted my lip with her head trying to jump up into the car when we were leaving. I think that was an accident. I'm pretty sure. Otherwise, she seems pretty happy to be snoozing along the couch, right where she should be. I have eaten nearly an entire bag of potato chips and plan to start on chocolate ice cream when those run out. I think it will make my lip feel better. Then I plan to take my eyeballs out and float them in something cool and soothing.

No matter what happens, I'll be a basketcase for weeks. I'm taking a break from the blog next week. I'll update on Darcy's status tomorrow or Monday. Otherwise, check back on November 22.


JustCindy said...

I will be praying for you and Darcy. I'm glad your break starts after you update us on Darcy's status.

Regina said...

All the best to you and Darcy... will be thinking postive/no complications/Darcy home soon thoughts!

Nancy said...

oh my.....My Oliver is saying prayers for Darcy...

Mary in WI said...

Cheryl, I'm sure Darcy will be fine. My thoughts are with you and The Best Dog in the World and hope she has a speedy recovery! Take care.