Friday, November 12, 2010


Darcy's tumor is out. It was larger than they thought but showed no sign of bleeding. The biggest problem was arrythmia. The surgery and tumor put stress on her heart and the episode that started it all might have been her heart, not the tumor and not her hip. It sounded very bad, but with medication, she's better. She was anxious and the vet talked about sending her home tonight. Apparently I was more anxious, and Darcy settled down to sleep, so she's staying the night with the vet.

The vet just called me to give me an update: she'd been up to go outside and had been drinking water. She was standing, watching them all but not too anxious. And I'm going to call in the morning, planning to pick her up around 11:30. We go back and forth between this was so simple a surgery and she's lucky to be doing as well as she is.

Good. Grief. Help. Me. I hope somebody out there owns a piece of Kleenex. Pretty sure the crazy dog mom in me is about to get a whole lot crazier.

She'll probably never speak to me again.

Probably I'm just going to sit around watching her breathe anyway.
And surely I'll be able to sleep. Maybe Monday or Tuesday...

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JustCindy said...

I'm so glad to hear that Darcy is doing so well. You sound like you are having a perfectly normal breakdown like any parent/owner would after their baby had surgery. Continued prayers for both of you.