Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December 1

Does it sound ominous to anyone else...December 1? It's like I can't hear anything but ticking clocks. And my fingers are itching to start making lists. And there's no way my house will be ready to host a dinner in time. And I may not even be ready to put up my tree before January 17. And last year I broke Darcy doing all that. And this year, she's already a little bent.
And I need gifts and food and ideas and inspiration and...

Feel free to contribute to my cause:
I would like to have inexpensive, wildly creative and meaningful crafty ideas. But only if they are also astonishingly quick and each to finish. Oh, yeah, and if you can come up with a suitable substitute for an iPhone or iPad, preferably made from stash yarn or fabric, my nephews and I will think you.

Oh, December. Here you are.
(image is from Grubby Puppy, it's cute when you say it to yourself)

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