Thursday, December 02, 2010

Really, Amazon?

I love shopping Amazon. I really do. In past rushed Christmases, I've found things there for my nephews who I find it extremely difficult to shop for. Amazon has categories for everything.

At lunch, I was surfing for Christmas ideas. Tripped on over to Amazon, thinking they might have something a little less expensive than what I was looking around for. And there's a section for Gift Idea broken down into Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, The One Who Has It All, Gadget Lover...etc.

I have several crafty people to buy for...apparently, they don't need a category though. We can just throw them under Grandma.

Sheesh. Really, Amazon?

(Not that there's really anything wrong with Grandmas. I am a fan of those too, but does crafting have to be for Grandmas only?)

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