Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie marathon

I have chosen sugar and movies as the best options to defeat the annual post-Christmas funk. I started on Christmas with my BFF, Redbox.

And I rented:
Repo Men, mainly because it was there and I sometimes have flashbacks of the Jude Law scene from the trailer where he's holding out his arms, shooting. Don't rent this. It is really, really not worth it. And kinda strange.

Grown Ups, mainly because I wanted a laugh. Not so much. Adam Sandler movies have become really touchy-feely. Anybody else notice that? And still kinda the same, no matter the plot.

And then I hit the jackpot: The Other Guys. I laughed. A lot. And this has two excellent car chases, one featuring The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson that might have replaced the Tina Fey/Steve Carrell/Date Night car chase as my favorite. And the other involved a Prius, a helicopter, and a driving range. And Will Ferrell movies are hit and miss with me, but this one is pretty funny. I really need to watch it again because there are some lines that I need to memorize so that I may drag them out and confuse those around me. I'm a peacock, Captain, you gotta let me fly!

And then I took these back and I got:
Sex in the City 2, mainly because it was there. I never watched the show, and number 1 caused my eyes to bug out but I thought maybe a chick flick would be a good idea. This one had neither much sex nor much city. It had lots of menopause discussion. And desert. And angst. And amazing clothes, but still...Samantha and menopause. Yawn.

Eat, Pray, Love. I watched this one because I felt like I needed to. You know, because people talk about the book and I had no real desire to read the book (and there might be gasps of fans going around...leave me a comment if the book was better than the movie and I might reconsider). And for the most part, I enjoyed the scenery but I couldn't identify much with Liz Gilbert. I will remember this movie though. When Liz tells Felipe that she's sick of everyone telling her she needs a man, and he answers, "You don't need a man, Liz. You need a champion"...that's memorable.

And I forced myself not to get any more. But I'm still thinking about hitting the Redbox again. Instead, I watched Pride and Prejudice, the Keira Knightly version, that I DVR'd from E of all places. It's a little disconcerting to watch P&P with a ticker at the bottom telling about Joey McIntyre's new baby and how to sign up for updates on the Kardashians. Still, I love the story and I like this version (not nearly as much as the Colin Firth version, but still...). This Darcy is pretty nice too. Now I think I need to re-re-re-re-read the book.

Looking over this list, I am reminded again how I probably ought to pick a lane and stay in it. My favorites are The Other Guys and Pride and Prejudice. If you are kind, you might say I have a broad range of interests.

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