Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retail math

Have I mentioned that I am on vacation this week? So far, I've managed to accomplish almost nothing of what was on my very short list of to-do things. I have taken down the Christmas decorations. I have worked a bit at home and worked a bit at work. I have watched 300 movies and read 301 books (maybe close to those numbers anyway). And yesterday I managed to return things that I bought for Christmas, mainly to make hand-made gifts that I swiftly gave up on in the time crunch. I felt good. I returned about $80 in the rainy muck yesterday. And did not purchase anything new. In those stores.

And then I stopped at Barnes and Noble and bought 3 writing magazines. And I have done no writing.
And I stopped and purchased Darcy food. Very important.
And then I picked up the world's most fabulous salad. And was forced to pick off the world's entire supply of mushrooms even though I state clearly and succinctly in every order "NO MUSHROOMS." It's still a good salad.
And I picked up two more movies at the Redbox, rain dripping down my collar.

And now I'm not sure I came out ahead on the whole day. Still, does it count if you would have purchased everything on the list anyway? I mean, maybe not the magazines. They clearly aren't doing me much good, but I loves me some Barnes and Noble, particularly when it isn't packed to capacity like on Wednesday around 2 p.m.

So things I haven't done: cleaned up my stupid ugly flower beds which must be at least attempted because it's past the point where Darcy can't see out the windows. The bushes are nearly too tall for me to see over. What I wouldn't give for some snow, but it's going to be 70 degrees tomorrow. Gah.
Renewed my tags for the license.
Purchased real food to eat and stuff.
Completed the Great American Novel or even revised the collection of words I managed to throw down in February.
Taken Darcy to the vet again. For allergies again.

Also I need to throw out the leftovers, wash 56 loads of laundry, and call AT&T.

Maybe I should just read a little bit first...

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