Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Quilts

I got this exciting email from Lynne with a photo attached of her first quilt. I asked if I could share it. Most of the time, we work and work and work on books and then send them out into the world and hope they're thriving out there (brings to mind the baby bird launched from the nest, right? No? Okay, I'm not really a poet).

It's always fun when we get a letter back from someone who has enjoyed the work we do. This is what Lynne said:

I purchased the Wee Wonder Quilts book at my local fabric store.  I've read lots of things both in print and on-line, and I'd have to say that the general instructions in the back of the book were some of the best I've seen.  They were very complete, concise, and easy to follow.
The design itself is too cute!  I've just purchased more fabric so that I can made the Duck, Duck Goose quilt.
If you'd like to attempt your own Wee Wonder quilt, click here to visit the new

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