Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Not this again.

I live in Arkansas. I know when people in the Midwest or the Northeast hear people in the South complain about snow, they are amused. I get that. We don't have feet of snow in a normal season. The snow I posted on January 10, that was A Lot Of Snow for around here, maybe 5 inches at my house, maybe a little more. Most snow days mean 2 inches of snow and approximately that much of ice. Since then, we've had two more days of daytime snow, the worst sort, the kind that hits while you're already at work and means you'll get to sit in traffic for hours. In the snow. Possibly on the snow which turns to ice while you're the lucky girl doing the waiting. Possibly to be stuck. Forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but I don't know what the protocol is for getting stuck. I've done some crazy things to get unstuck and to also avoid the original stickage, but once you're stuck, I have no idea what to do but hope I have enough food to last until springtime in the car. Luckily, I live in Arkansas. It's going to be spring again next week.

Last week, while clipping along at about 25 miles per hour on the interstate, I had the experience of hearing the tires on the car beside me squeal in a tractionless way, just before I realized I was moving in a direction I never intended and did not order my car to go, and then looked up to see the car in front of me turned sideways and the car in front of them pointing right back at me. As my main fear is the sticking, I dink-dink-dinked right around them and the big truck at a complete stop right next to them and dink-dink-dinked my way all the way back over in time to take my exit.

Dear Pickup Truck Driver, this is why you need to stay the hay off of my bumper when it's snowing. Sure, you want to drive faster. I don't. 'mKay? Love, Cheryl

I already feel the tension building. A 100% chance of snow. Gah.

And I would just like to say: Dear Arctic, go ahead and take your freeze back, 'mkay? It's getting a little old already and we're pretty over it. Send it around August and we'll love you for it. Love, Cheryl

I really think 6 more inches of snow (or maybe it's 2 inches or maybe it's 8, estimates abound) means I'm going to be stuck doing housework. At least this time, I have chips. Last week, my house was a chip-free zone. If I hadn't been afraid of getting stuck at the bottom of the hill of death, I probably would have risked life and limb for a bag of Fritos. I tried navigating the opposite side of the hill of death to get home that day and determined that short and steep or long and not quite as steep, it remains a hill of death.
I bought some chips last night so at least this time, I'm ready. Here's Darcy in the snow before the snow before the last snow.

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