Tuesday, March 08, 2011

All about the public service

While I was answering consumer calls yesterday, I realized I had no idea where Indiana is. Has that ever happened to you? It's not like I never knew where Indiana was. Clearly, that tidbit of info has just been crowded out of my brain, along with what I had for dinner last night, a very important password, and  one million other trivial and critical bits.

I always check area codes to be sure I'm not calling too early or too late. I'll never make it as a telemarketer.

We sometimes have conversations around here that illuminate how murky the geography for some parts of the world is. If I had the chance to win a million dollars by labeling the map of Asia, I'd be left with the same 12 cents to my name. I would have said I had a firm grasp on the continental US. Clearly, I needed a refresher. And for the record, I'm sitting in Arkansas. If you are unclear as to the location of Arkansas, go ahead and locate it on the map (click to enlarge). Yes, that's why I talk that way... sandwiched between Tennessee and Texas, it was bound to happen.

I'll be over here with the atlas...just in case I need to find Ulan Bator on a map to win Final Jeopardy. I've seen the House Hunters International episode but I couldn't have pointed it out on a map. Clearly, geography has not been my passion. Not like television.

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