Monday, March 07, 2011

Scorching progress

So I feel better that I have started my project. In this case, it was the most difficult part because I've done some modification.

Yes, it's absolutely fine to make changes to the designs without contacting us for help or permission. It's really okay. We don't police this.

I thought I would be finished by now. But no.

I have determined that machine gun fire makes me knit faster. It has no beneficial effect on my cross stitch speed. Thanks to Dish and my free Starz, I watched a classic: Die Hard 2. Oh, John McClain, my heart beats for you even in the sequel which is so sadly Hans Gruber-less. There was plenty of shooting, exploding, and chasing but I only got a few letters done and the blob at the top which will be leaves eventually. Must. Keep. Going.

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