Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Baseball been bery bery good

Remember when I used to have a pretty bad baseball habit? With two nephews playing league and tournament ball, we could spend entire weekends following the team. And then things changed. And now the oldest isn't playing (I don't think, anyway, but the info has to work it's way down the grapevine to me) and the youngest is only on a tournament team. And the team is coached by my brother. That means they'll play all over the place. And I won't.

This weekend they were about 45 minutes away and the weather was nearly perfect: sunny and warm but not hot. So I went. And I cheered. It was good. There was a come-from-behind win and a tie (even after the international rule kicked in...international rules? I have no idea why that might be, but I repeat what I hear...in the event of a tie, each team starts a runner on second base and bat to three outs...nobody scores? THEN and only then, you call it a tie.) I have one-inch strip of sunburn to show for it.

Baseball. In February. You bet.

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