Monday, March 21, 2011

Jonquil Festival, Historic Washington (the other side)

 So this was a festival with a little bit of everything. You had your doggy sun visors and your airbrush tattoos. I paused to take this picture of HeiferDog Design Factory. I don't know what a heiferdog is, apparently a very large dog with horns. When the tattooed and piecred dude stopped his phone conversation to notice me staring, I moved on. I do that.

I thought it was really interesting to show the bikers in front of the bouncy castle. I don't really know why. There were a lot of bikers there. It was a good day for it.

 Remember my story about decorating the gym? And you probably thought..."Historical? Gym?" It was a WPA project apparently. This is it. It looks a little different, what with the crafty sellers and all. Jewelry and food were the two biggest categories.

 In addition to fair food and crafts, there was music. You had the porch players and these guys...Wolverton Mountain was playing while I took this picture. God Blessed Texas came in pretty soon after that. I'm not sure it was my kind of music but the comforting sound of boys from Emmet and Hope, Arkansas, was wonderful accompaniment to a funnel cake and Diet Coke. Yum. Yum. Yum.

And then you had these guys. First it was the goat doing yoga...downward facing dog, I think. Unless you have to change that when a goat does it. The kids loved it: "Wook, 'is butt's up in the ai-iw!"

And then you had the Historic Washington version of the horse-drawn carriage. I did not hop on but they were pretty popular.

So how many jonquils did you count? They were here. I'll show you tomorrow...

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