Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jonquil Festival, Historic Washington State Park

So I did manage to track down the camera and did manage to ignore the grey overcast skies and the threat of freezing off my kneecaps and drove down to Historic Washington State Park for the annual Jonquil Festival. Yeah, me and few other people. And then the clouds cleared out and I spotted a funnel cake place, in fact, an entire fair food midway and I was convinced. The best part of the day was finding out just how alive the arts and crafts show is. Yay!

 This is the courthouse which served as the place to get information on all the happenings. The biggest claim to fame is that Washington served as the Confederate capitol when Little Rock fell to Union forces during the Civil War. There's also a doctor's house, which serves as an exhibit on medicine during the war.

Here in the Crouch house, the park ranger talked about the historically accurate wall paper and furnishings as well as how the house changed through the years. The photo shows the state of the house before restoration. That is a man with very curly hair in front of me.

The outside of the Crouch house...not many jonquils, right?

I did manage to get a few pretty shots...I'll show you more of the "character" shots tomorrow.

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