Friday, March 04, 2011

National Grammar Day

Word nerds, unite! Celebrate your grammatical correctness today. A little quiz and the answers can be found here, a site with grammar tips and fun (oh, yes, it can so be fun) hosted by Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty.

1. Which word in the line “Drive slowly in a fast car and let the adverbs fly,” is an adverb?
 A. slowly
 B. fast
 C. fly
 2. What would “slow” be called if it were used in place of “slowly” in the line “Drive slowly in a fast car.”
 A. a mistake
 B. a flat adverb
 C. a flat adjective
 3. Choose the sentence that contains an infinitive form of a verb.
 A. Squiggly joined the circus.
 B. Aardvark has wanted cotton candy for days.
 C. Grammar Girl hoped to sell deep-fried bacon from a cart.
 4. Which sentence contains a split infinitive?
 A. She was bold enough to bravely go into the tunnel.
 B. He will bravely protect the owls.
 C. They bravely lit a fire.
 5. Which words are prepositions in “Plant a noun between two trees.”
 A. between
 B. two
 C. trees
 6. What are “well” and “good” in this sentence: March forth well; good grammar is meant to last.
 A. “Well” is an adverb, and “good” is an adjective.
 B. “Well” is an adjective, and “good” is an adverb.
 C. “Well” and “good” are both adjectives.
 D. “Well” and “good” are both adverbs.
 7. Which sentence is in the continuous tense?
 A. The past had been continuous because you had been singing.
 B. The past was continuous because you sang.
 C. The present is continuous because you are singing.
 8. Which sentence is in the perfect tense?
A. The present is perfect because we are walking.
B. The present is perfect because we have walked.
C. The past was perfect because we walked.
 9. Choose the correct sentence:
 A. I appreciate your singing.
 B. I appreciate you singing.
 C. Both
10. Which sentence contains the best use of “anxious.”
 A. I’m anxious to celebration National Grammar Day.
 B. I’m anxious to go to the dentist.
 C. I’m anxious get the new dress I just bought on online.

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