Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tech envy, I haz it

So I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon in a meeting. There's nothing new about that. What was new: a close brush with a new iPad. It was a techy/webby kind of thing and the gadgets were in full force. And I wanted.

What makes some people like that? I don't know. I have a long lasting, dedicated love for my iPhone which I carry close to my heart at all times (not really, but I would if I had a pocket there). Do I really NEED another obsession?

I just know I went home and started lookin' around.
And then I took a quick look at my bank balance and my credit card balance and remembered why I don't already have one. I can only take quick looks because it does not do to dwell on these things.

So I'm thinking no iPad for now. And also, that I shall not be leaving behind my iPhone/security blanket the next time such a meeting rolls around.

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