Thursday, March 17, 2011

Save some green, it's no blarney!

You may or may not be aware that today is St. Patrick's Day. I really hope you are! (But I completely understand if you aren't. I spent long minutes yesterday around 3:15 staring in puzzlement at the clocks around me because I couldn't wrap my head around what time it was. I think between Daylight Saving Time which is killing me and long, very interesting meetings that I had to really be alert to not lose the track brain is experiencing higher than normal call volume. The wait is going to be at least 5 minutes.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah...St. Patrick's Day. Two things:
My friend Pat Sloan has put together a blog tour to celebrate the day with the following stops:
OH, and also, me in a hat...Pat Sloan's blog. Go there. Note: Diet Coke burns when it hits your nose from the inside. This is my public service announcement for you for the day. We can all thank Pat Sloan for this learning opportunity.

 THERE WILL BE GIVE AWAYS! YES! REALLY! AT EACH STOP!!! You've got to hit the virtual road.
And if you don' a book, her Tour Ireland with Pat Sloan is currently on sale over at the new

And if you didn't see these the first time around, I'm sure you'll be charmed at the stories (and my accompanying, the-en) in these videos we shot here with Pat. Charmed, I say!

I was just talking with Jean this week about sheep dogs, weavers, and climbing the narrow stairs at Blarney Castle. They were good times. Get the book, watch the video, come along!

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