Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog Hoppin

In case you haven't seen it...there's a hop goin' on! Pat's new book, What a Novel Idea! is making the rounds...you can find out more about it from Pat herself. What you must do is head over to Carrie Nelson's post today. Except for the fact that she makes bee-u-ti-ful quilts, I think we might actually be the same person separated at birth. Wait, that's not how it goes, right? Anyway, I like her answers and might have given them as my own (if I were as clever as she is!) My person might not match her person, but I think I would definitely quilt more if I used all the money in the world to hire someone to press my seams. The most difficult part would be picking just one...

You gotta go...they're giving away books, people! And if you'd like to make sure you get your own copy of What a Novel Idea!, it's ON SALE at LeisureArts.com.

Plus, there you can click the Google Preview button and SEE INSIDE THE BOOK. Go. You know you want to.

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