Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Yes, I did. I finished something!

Thanks to everyone who's asked about Darcy. I'm still waiting on results. She scared me to death last night when I got home but she ate like a lumberjack this morning, complete with tail wagging so that's where we are.

Things I learned from the cross stitch piece:
1. I remember why I loved cross stitch in the very beginning: it's so EASY. And somedays I just need easy, not counting how many times I've knitted or purled or sawing my needle under two stitches to try to knit two of the world's tightest stitches together or working under the threat of losing my fingers from inattention in combination with a rotary cutter. Cross stitch is good.
2. Using my iPhone is convenient, but the pictures are not the bestest.
3. Taking pictures in the middle of the night because you happen to be up and remember it then is convenient but the pictures are not the bestest.
4. The hardest part about cross stitch: the finishing. Now I have to find a frame, find something to mount it to, and mount it. That's still probably easier than weaving in ends.
5. I'm probably going to have to take out part of the bottom line since it's not centered. I thought I could live with it, but now, in the bright light of bloggy day, I'm not so sure. Gah.

Note to self: take a picture of the final framed piece. During the day. With a real camera. And before you give it away.

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Nancy said...

can you add a smallish heart right behind the date? or one more of the little flowers?

Very nice and glad that Darcy is eating...