Monday, May 23, 2011

Seemed like a good idea at the time

On Saturday I got home and tried to get a picture of crazy Jack and me together. I wanted to post it on this other blog I'm editing/writing for with the ministry I work with. Jack doesn't cooperate. I have a very cute picture of the World's Best Dog and me. But she could be still. Jack cannot. Unless he's absolutely 100% still (because he's asleep, snoozing soundly on my pillow).

Here's what I got. I'm going to use the first one anyway. Clearly I need to get a better photographer (not my own hand and my iPhone, you have to shoot way to close for my face when you are limited by the reach of your own arm) and a stylist too. They need to get to know me as well as you guys do. When it goes up this week, I may post a link but it's my story of Darcy and Jack and you guys have lived it with me!

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