Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Jack News Network

I know you have better things to do. I know you'd like to see a craft thing or two. It seems like they should be here. But all I have right now is all Jack, all the time. Surely he'll calm down soon....
I have this video. It wasn't the one I intended because I was trying to get him barking at the curio cabinet. Instead, he dragged the things I had covering it up off and then brought in a few other things too (looks like a t-shirt and a pillow case that I've been trying to wash for weeks now). Ignore that. Also ignore the snorting laugh at the end. I can't help it: week two of the mucus attack continues. TMI? Maybe.

And then, when he's all done with that, he does this:

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Nancy said...

OMG... reminds me of the grandkids when they visit...busy.busy.busy.